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THERE ARE TIMES OF CELEBRATION and there are times of pensive sadness. This is a sad moment for me as I contemplate selling my candy apple red 2005 Triumph America (pictures to follow), several months shy of a year after I bought it from a fellow up the road in Lovettsville who had parked it in front of the automotive service on the grass. It was next door to his own house just inside the town limits. Berlin Turnpike is like that. True to form, I guess that would apply to most of small town America still living on the outskirts of picket fences, polymorphous charms, or the many inscutible persuasions of location, location, location…

Suffice it to say during these Obama years, as a family we have been hit hard by several crushing measures of austerity, and now our home air conditioning system must be replaced in its entirity. So my pride of only a few months must be swapped for quick cash. Just got her last fall, but worked through most of the great fall days, so in terms of road rip I put considerably less than a thousand miles on the America. Five or six trips to Fredericksburg, a trip to Purcellville, one to Berryville, one to Winchester, one to Martinsburg, and the longest run finale to the National Institute of Health in Rockville to visit my niece Paige who had just recovered from her third brain surgery in less than a year was all she wrote. Put tires, brakes, and all sorts of paraphernalia into her, but now I must sell for less than half what I have invested.

Every little bit helps the bottom line, hark the austerity sages insist we believe.


Current Events 2013

Life, as in a work of fiction, contains truths and untruths. Strange how that works, but in storytelling, it’s all about the imaginative ride.

  • Harry Reams, American pornography actor in the 1970s who later broke into legitimate roles died from pancreatic cancer at 68…
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin announces his divorce from his wife on Russian national television…
  • “Gomer Pyle” actor Jim Nabors, 82, weds retired performer Stan Cadwallader, 64, at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle…
  • Fossilized dinosaur eggs with embryos are discovered in China…
  • Three people are killed and 183 are injured after two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The bombing suspects were two brothers self-identified as Chechen Muslims—one killed, one captured, in Watertown after 4 days…
  • Pope Francis becomes the first Pope to wash the feet of women in the Maundy Thursday service…
  • Massive flooding occurs in northern India killing up to 10,000 people…
  • A former systems administrator for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a counterintelligence trainer at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) named Edward Snowden releases a massive cache of NSA data collection documents to journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras to ignite a global outrage over privacy concerns…

To trespass against the future may be the unpardonable sin. This concept explains why some suggest that the unpardonable sin is suicide. Meshiach put it this way. “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.”

T bike had begun to give me minor troubles. My brother Charles had taken the gas tank off, confirming that the peeling paint I noticed around the rim of the tank neck had flaked off, sunk to the bottom, and had gotten trapped in the fuel hose. Removing the tank and hoses, as my ace mechanic, he cleaned everything thoroughly, but the problem persisted unless I filled up before getting too close to bone dry. Chaz had figured he would inherit the America within a couple of years as soon as he learned I was buying her, and sure enough that became the spring 2013 plan. When she wouldn’t crank over for me in the cold March garage a few times, killing the brand new battery twice, I realized that the handwriting was on the wall. Chaz had earned his true grit biker bona fides the old-fashioned way, riding and mechanicking over three decades his only transportation, and truly needed an upgrade from his old 1986 Honda Shadow. When I finally decided to sell his father-in-law fronted him the three grand, I got a check, and my wife the bean counter was satisfied that I had done my part.

Fine times plenty. I look forward to owning my next bike although many say I am probably too old to ride safely, especially with my neck problems, but life is a still that box of chocolates. When has riding ever been considered the height of personal safety? There is always the haul, the challenge, the threat, the energy, the unabridged thrill where danger is lurking but the ride is sacrosanct. True that I’m no world class adventurer, care nothing about extreme sports, but what I feel on a bike is like no other experience I can imagine myself agreeing to try. What smattering of athleticism I had as an overachieving ballplayer is now lost to keen memories and pure survival instinct. It was 26 years between my two motorcycles, the 1982 Honda VT750 and the 2005 Triumph America 800. At 58 now, it’s obvious I can’t afford to wait another twenty-six years, so now I have peeled my wandering eye on a Triumph Rocket. Finances willing.

chaz-nix-4707Charles and his Shadow.

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